Jack E. Cheal

Amongst other things, Jack writes about the adventures of Sabrina Di’Anno, squatter, indie action film star and muscle model. He plans to turn the stories into a comic series.

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My mother is a dragon,Deep be the fear in you fluttering gutIf you cross her she will batheIn a glut of your disembodied limbs, blood and the stretch of your guttering bowels. Fierce is her face,The helmet of a valkyrieMoulded to her cruel visage,For she is the Morrigun, ready to pluck your eyes, to swallow […]

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Excerpt from a Psych Ward

How many times can you punch a wall? Once, usually, not that it is usual, not normal anyway, maybe usual for some…but once is enough to break your fist or window or whatever, enough to calm your rage a bit, so you don’t hit the person you really want to. Then there are those times, […]

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