Set Aflame

A story from the life of muscle-model and low-budget-action-movie star Sabrina Di’Anno. When an arson attack on set threatens a police investigation that could shut down her latest film, she decides to capture the criminal herself.

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Having worked hard to become strong and win several judo championships, Sabrina fears getting a reputation for being ‘butch’, especially as she is attracted to a small, ‘effeminate’ boy, who is bullied at their school. She struggles to overcome the stigma of asking out a male who is smaller than her, then experiences consequences that force her to embrace her identity.


Day 4

Four days gone, Fourth time in the ward New friends each time And a few old acquintances. We get to know each other rapidly, There can be few secrets When we all know we are here To be safe. It all comes down to security, Secure in ourselves only when We’re locked away. Outside, some […]

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Between two sounds Long and loud, Gravitating to the slower, lower groove While the high pitched whine outside Reminds me how better off I am With people. Ordered sound conveys what whirring pitches Cannot, blue souls bound in bondage by the choice to ‘end it all’. Showing oneself, as one truly is, can be hard, […]

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1 Hun Dread

This scene is taking too long. It’s getting dark; we’ve wasted the Golden and the Blue hours. I don’t want to carry on, but we’re close to wrapping and if we finish today we don’t have to pay the extras for tomorrow. As the fools who choose to take royalties instead of wages there is […]

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Over the Edge

A low rumble of fuzz…

A sudden flurry of beats…

A grinding whine…stomp-boxes crackle as three feet stamp on the distortion and two put pedals to the floor in a driving blast-beat; Cyclops Mammoth begins their first song.

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