Sabrina Di’Anno: Set Aflame

A story from the life of muscle-model and low-budget-action-movie star Sabrina Di’Anno. When an arson attack on set threatens a police investigation that could shut down her latest film, she decides to capture the criminal herself.

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Sabrina Di’Anno: BETA MALE

Having worked hard to become strong and win several judo championships, Sabrina fears getting a reputation for being ‘butch’, especially as she is attracted to a small, ‘effeminate’ boy, who is bullied at their school. She struggles to overcome the stigma of asking out a male who is smaller than her, then experiences consequences that force her to embrace her identity.

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Paid to Care

I know I should go in there and stop him. I also know that no one knows I am at this end of the ward. He is hanging there, I should untie him… I’m not his primary nurse though, she should be checking on him. I just came to this end of the ward for […]

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Jack E. Cheal

Amongst other things, Jack writes about the adventures of Sabrina Di’Anno, squatter, indie action film star and muscle model. He plans to turn the stories into a comic series.

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