Set Aflame

Set Aflame is a story from the life of muscle-model and low-budget, action-movie star Sabrina Di’Anno, bisexual judoka and part-time squatter. When an arson attack on set threatens a police investigation that could shut down her latest film, she decides to capture the criminal herself. Upon learning the person’s motive however, she reconsiders her desire for vengeance…

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Over the Edge

A low rumble of fuzz…

A sudden flurry of beats…

A grinding whine…stomp-boxes crackle as three feet stamp on the distortion and two put pedals to the floor in a driving blast-beat; Cyclops Mammoth begins their first song.

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Working Girls

‘I think most action-movie fans, big time, obsessive fans, are gay as balls. Especially if they don’t like women in lead roles! It’s just weird that a production like this is a budget b-movie but put a bunch of fat old men together for a nostalgia driven, action-comedy romp and hordes of blokes come out to pocket-wank with their eyes closed whilst imagining Stallone has their dicks in his mouth!’

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Beta Male is written from the perspective of a physically powerful teenage girl. Having worked hard to become strong and win several judo championships, she fears getting a reputation for being ‘butch’, especially as she is attracted to a small, ‘effeminate’ boy, who is bullied at their school. She struggles to overcome the stigma of asking out a male who is smaller than her, then experiences consequences that force her to embrace her identity.


Sabrina Di’Anno

A muscular woman by profession, having been forced by an abusive childhood into craving raw physical power, rather than ‘traditional’ female virtues, in her very active adult life (as a low-budget action movie star) Sabrina finds herself in many intimidating situations. She is unable to ignore a fight, or any call for justice, and she […]

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1 Hun Dread

2990 Words This scene is taking too long. It’s getting dark; we’ve wasted the Golden and the Blue hours. I don’t want to carry on, but we’re close to wrapping and if we finish today we don’t have to pay the extras for tomorrow. As the fools who choose to take royalties instead of wages […]

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Sabrina Di’Anno

A Judo champion as a teenager, Sabrina Di’Anno gave up her dream of becoming an MMA fighter like her hero, Ronda Rousey, after her step-father found out that she had started boxing and broke several of her fingers in a threatening incident. After moving out, as an adult she found she was no longer good […]

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